Lizzie Thorne

Lizzie Thorne
5  I have used box companies before, but I must say I was very impressed with the box quality. Even more importantly, I was impressed with the exceptional customer service both on the phone and during the delivery and pickup. They were very responsive and clearly explained everything so no hidden costs or fees! I cannot recommend Mi-Box of Northern Virginia more highly!

Carly Reid

Carly Reid
5  MI-BOX is great. Very convenient and excellent prices. Highly recommend!

John Williamson

John Williamson
5  I used MI-BOX as a way to clear out my home for staging. Their fast and professional service made it easy to clear out my house. They stored my stuff until I was ready to move into my new home. Thanks MI-BOX!

Local Moving


Stress-Free Moving At Your Own Pace

MI-BOX Moving can help make your next move be as stress-free as possible. We understand most people only move a few times in their life and it can be overwhelming. We help families everyday by offering convenient and cost effective solutions. From whole house moves to apartments, from staging your home to your move out day, MI-BOX can help. Moving containers give you the flexibility and time to plan any move when it's most convenient for you. Get guaranteed moving prices and on time deliveries. Get Moving Today - Get MI-BOX Moving


MI-BOX Moving Container Solutions

  • ​Free moving estimates
  • ​Pre-move planning
  • On your site loading
  • ​Storage at your site
  • Packing supplies
  • ​Home staging
  • ​​Convenient
  • ​​Flexible
  • Secure
  • ​​Safe
  • Affordable
  • ​​​Local moving
  • Storage at our centers
  • Container moving
  • ​​Business moving
  • Fire and flood
  • Restoration companies

​Convenient Moving Options


Most moving companies offer similar sized trucks, but still require you to rent the truck, load it, move it, unload it, and repack it into their storage units. If you have a big job, you will need to do it over and over on a short timeline. Not with MI-BOX. We'll deliver any size mobile storage container right to you. Take your time to load it and we'll come get it. Store them on your site or in our secure storage centers.


​MI-BOX portable moving containers are conveniently delivered right to your home or place of business

Our weathertight moving containers can stay outside your home for as long as you need them. When you're ready, MI-BOX will pick your moving container up and deliver it right to your new home. Or, MI-BOX can take it to our secure self-storage facilities for safe keeping, where you can access your moving container for free. MI-BOX provides the best moving solutions.

​Rent moving containers from MI-BOX and get the time and flexibility you need to make any move easier

Move when you’re ready and when it’s convenient. Move over time or all in one day, whatever is right for you. Load your MI-BOX moving container or we can arrange a professional moving company to do it for you. Our containers are great for home staging, pre-packing, and coordinating your next move. One call does it all with MI-BOX. Get Moving with MI-BOX today.